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"Hear O' Israel, HaShem is our G-d, HaShem alone"

Isaiah 61:1-2

The missionaries will say that Isaiah 61:1-2 is the outline of the Messiah's ministry and if fulfilled by Jesus as shown in Luke 4:18.

The Reply is: the verse say "The spirit of the L-rd G-d is upon me, because the L-rd has anointed me; He has sent me as a herald of joy to the humble, to bind up the wounded of heart, to proclaim release to the captives, liberation to the imprisoned;" This verse is about Isaiah himself. He, in this book of prophecy, acts as a herald of joy, telling the Israelites that G-d will yet free them from their captivity and exile. He, like all true prophets, is an anointed of G-d. The spirit he is talking of is the spirit of prophecy and not a separate entity. Jesus freed no captives whatsoever. The fact that Luke quotes Isaiah and puts Isaiah's words in Jesus' mouth proves only that Luke saw Jesus as doing these things, even though the NT itself never shows Jesus freeing one captive or prisoner.

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